Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire a wedding planner? Aren't they expensive?

According to a recent wedding industry study, the average engaged American will be in wedding planning mode for 11 months – or 44 weeks – and rack up a staggering 528 hours of planning time. While that number may seem shocking to you, it doesn't surprise me one bit! I estimate that I spent at least 400 hours planning my own DIY nuptials in 2018.


Planning a wedding can be hard work and can often feel like a full-time job - and many of us don’t have a lot of extra time to spare, between jobs, school, hobbies, families, and other things that keep us busy 24/7. So... hiring someone who has the experience, knowledge, contacts, and passion to help you plan and execute your event affords you the opportunity to focus on your day-to-day life- without wedding planning taking up all your free time!

​Event planners are SO much more than design and logistical masterminds. They work with you to identify what your greatest needs and wants are, alleviate areas that are causing stress and anxiety, and tirelessly problem solve to maximize your investment of both time and money. A skilled and conscientious planner is going to address budget concerns early on, monitor your expenses, look after your interests and priorities, and make sure you are set up for success. They will offer budget-friendly solutions, raise red flags about potential costs, and will be 100% transparent with you at all times. Hiring an event planner you trust and connect with can often provide the foundation for a memorable and well-executed event - if you are able to find a planner whose personality and approach matches yours, they can truly add significant value to your celebration.

And while it is true that some planners CAN be expensive (there are a lot of "luxury" wedding planners out there), there are also mid-level and budget-friendly ones too... like Witchy Woman Weddings!

But our venue comes with a coordinator... can’t we just use them?

Or can’t we just have a family member or friend coordinate?

Here’s the thing - a venue coordinator is not the same as a full-service wedding coordinator. Keep in mind that coordinators or event managers working for a venue represent the VENUE - not you as a couple. They may not be able to stay until the very end of your event to make sure your gifts and personal items get to you, your vendors are fully loaded out and paid, and your decorations collected. They will certainly help you to the best of their ability, but sometimes they also have tasks they can't or won't do. So, hiring an independent coordinator who is your #1 advocate and who can work WITH the venue coordinator to represent you and your best interests and desires can help eliminate any unnecessary snafus and stress.

Another thing to note – many venues that aren’t hotels or banquet facilities don’t even come with a coordinator at all! Or you may end up having your ceremony and reception in two completely separate venues - in those cases, hiring a coordinator will likely be necessary to ensure that the whole grand vision for your day is achieved (without anyone pulling their hair out!).

It is 100% your choice to have a family member or friend coordinate your wedding - obviously! However... I can say from personal experience that you really won’t want to have to delegate tasks to your loved ones day-of. YOU shouldn’t have to work on your special day – and neither should THEY! Your friends and loved ones should be able to just enjoy themselves, kick up their heels, and have none of stress of worrying about the details – and leave all the work to someone who knows what they are doing and can wrangle details and vendors with the best of them (like Witchy Woman Weddings).

Are you going to try to tell us what to do?

Or force us to do things a certain way?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Listen – I am here to be your sounding board, and to give you my honest opinion about everything. I will keep it real with you and give you my feedback, but I will NEVER tell you that you “have” to do anything a certain way. Your decisions are always yours! But I am here to guide you, educate you, empower you, and cheer you on. My job is to advise, relieve stress, problem solve, and make sure that your ideas are executed as flawlessly as possible. Even how much or how little I do is totally up to you – I offer several different service levels and packages, and can pretty much give you as little or as much assistance as you might need. If I am doing my job right, you should feel more in control with me in your corner.


During our initial consultation, we will discuss what you are looking for and how I can help. I am here to be your partner through this process - not your overbearing boss! The vision, priorities, and final decisions are always yours – I just help keep everything moving along nicely and make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Are you available for events outside the Salem/Boston area?

Absolutely! While I have a particular soft spot for Salem weddings (since I live here and personally think it's a fabulous place to get hitched), I am available for events across New England – contact me, and we can chat about your location.

If we hire your company for day-of coordination, who will actually be our coordinator?

Unlike some large wedding planning companies that have a small army of assistants and planners on staff, when you book Witchy Woman Weddings, you always get the Witchy Woman herself, Tara (me)!


I am selective about booking clients, and I will not say yes to coordinating your wedding unless I can personally be there. Depending on your wedding size and selected venue(s), I may use one or two of my trusty assistants to help me day-of – the inclusion of any assistants (if deemed necessary) will be factored into the cost listed in your proposal. We can discuss specific needs at the time of booking – but rest assured that the Witchy Woman will always be there to run your event herself!