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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for weddings outside the Salem area?


Yes! While I have a soft spot for Salem weddings (since I live here), I am also available for weddings across Massachusetts – feel free to contact me, and we can chat about your location and needs.

Our venue comes with a coordinator... can we just use them, or just have a family member or friend coordinate?


Here’s the thing - a venue coordinator is not the same as an external wedding planner or coordinator. Coordinators or event managers working for a particular venue represent that VENUE - not you as a couple. There are often event-related tasks they can't - or won't - do. So hiring an independent coordinator who is your #1 advocate and who can work WITH the venue coordinator to represent you and your best interests and desires can help eliminate any unnecessary snafus and stress. I am going to look after your interests and priorities, offer budget-friendly solutions, raise red flags about potential problems, and be 100% transparent with you at all times.


It is 100% your choice to have a family member or friend coordinate your wedding, of course! But you may not want to delegate too many tasks to your loved ones day-of. They should be able to enjoy themselves, kick up their heels, and have none of the stress of worrying about the details – and leave the work to someone who knows what they are doing and can wrangle details and vendors with the best of them (like Witchy Woman Weddings).

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