Mary & Rob

Summer Solstice

Handfasting & Wedding

Winter Island - Salem, MA

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"Our wedding would not have been successful without Tara’s assistance, guidance, and hard work to help us execute our vision... we really put her to the test! She came in at a point where I thought I could do this on my own – as a past restaurant and function manager, I had done this several times before… but I soon found that I was way out of my league, and needed guidance and love and ideas.


Tara helped ensure that everything went smoothly, such as making sure that our flower order was delivered on time and set up appropriately. She even drew out many of our signs freehand (even ones in permanent marker)! We could not have pulled everything off without her thoughtful attention to detail, her management skills, and her hard work and sheer diligence.


And let me tell you… we didn’t have an easy timeline or layout, having flipped the traditional script around by planning dinner prior to our waterside ceremony, followed by dessert and dancing – all in three separate locations at the venue. Tara had to orchestrate moving everything from the dinner tent to the reception space, while also setting up and attending the ceremony – honestly, she must have been in two places at the same time, I don’t know how she did it! She executed all of this elegantly, while maintaining a smile on her face throughout the entire day – if she was stressed out at any point, no one would ever have known.


We will be forever grateful that we hired her – Tara made everything so easy and was amazing to work with, from start to finish."

Andrea and Henry

Intimate Courtyard Wedding at Boston Public Library - Boston, MA


"Tara helped make our day intimate and heartfelt by providing us with a custom-written marriage ceremony that fit us to a tea! She was an amazing officiant with excellent public speaking skills and a confident but light-hearted tone and demeanor.  She worked with us to get the wording just right, and went over everything with us ahead of time so that we were prepared and knew exactly what would happen every step of the way. Tara is extremely organized and asked so many helpful questions that we would not have even thought about – like who would hold the vow cards, who would transport the rings, who would walk and stand where, etc.! Everything went off so flawlessly because of her – we are so grateful to Tara for helping us have such a memorable and amazing day!”