Me 3

My name is Tara McMullen-King... I am a creative, colorful, obsessively organized witch from the "Witch City" of Salem who LOVES to plan fantastic fêtes!

For many years, I wanted to start my own business... but I wasn't sure how to best combine and utilize my decade of experience planning and running events, my professional research experience, my creativity and background in art and design, my project management skills, and my desire to help others...


...Then in 2018, I made the decision to plan my own wedding – a non-traditional DIY affair for 130 guests, with a total budget of less than $20,000. Inspired by a vision of what I wanted, I buckled down, did my research, and spent months planning every detail from start to finish. There were many site visits, phone calls, emails, and hours spent on the couch on my laptop! But I managed to pull it off and execute my unique vision well within our budget. After our wedding, many guests told me it was the most fun and beautiful wedding they had ever attended, and they recommended that I find a way to help other couples plan and execute their own unique non-traditional weddings on a budget.....

     ….So I founded Witchy Woman Weddings to do just that!


Below are some tidbits about my background and inspirations, if you want to know more about me!

  • 10+ years of experience in small- and large-scale event design, coordination, and execution

  • One of the most obsessively organized people you will ever meet (Virgo rising and House Ravenclaw)

  • A lover of logistics, a dedicant of details, and a supreme coordinator, planner, and project manager– my superpowers include spreadsheet creation and mastery, the ability to notice when something is even a millimeter out of its place, and a black belt in Google-fu

  • Colorful and creative soul with a degree in fine arts and design from Smith College - in addition to event planning and design, some of my other passions include painting, photography, and woodblock prints

  • An actual Salem Witch who lives in the city and practices here - I have a passion for tarot cards, runes, crystals, magickal herbalism…and yes, I own multiple crystal balls!

  • REALLY into black cats, black coffee, candles, horror movies, tattoos, true crime television shows, Halloween, home brew wine, homemade pasta, and The Office (I try to approach every day with the same level of happiness and enthusiasm as Stanley on Pretzel Day!)