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I am a big, quirky, tattooed, gingery ball of warmth and empathetic energy, and I truly, genuinely care about the couples I work with.

I'm Tara McMullen-King... affectionately referred to as

the "Wedding Witch of Salem"! 

I founded Witchy Woman Weddings in 2020 to help couples plan and execute customized celebrations of love and commitment that reflect their backgrounds, their passions, and their unique qualities and quirks. All your ideas – no matter how big or small, no matter how "traditional" or funkily offbeat – are always heard and always celebrated! I LOVE love - and my aim is to empower, inspire, problem solve, and make sure that couples walk away from their special day feeling nothing but pure joy and happiness... with no regrets, and none of those woulda-shoulda-couldas.


Prior to founding my own wedding business, I spent close to 15 years assisting with small- and large-scale event design and coordination projects, including professional conferences, fundraising events and galas, vendor fairs, and personal celebrations.

I am a practicing Witch, an initiated Wiccan Priestess, an ordained minister of American Marriage Ministries, and a member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO) and the Salem Chamber of Commerce. I have also undertaken extensive wedding planning studies and certifications, including coursework offered by the New York Institute of Art and Design and certified by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), the world's largest professional wedding planning organization.


Friends and colleagues would describe me as a lover of logistics, a dedicant of details, and a supreme coordinator, planner, and project manager with a big 'ol heart.

My sun sign is Aquarius, my moon sign is Pisces, and my rising sign is Virgo. I consider myself a combination of Hermione Granger, Donna Meagle, Brienne of Tarth, and Joan Holloway (if you know who those characters are... it all makes sense when you meet me)!


Born and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, I moved to Boston after graduating from Smith College, a women's college in Northampton, Massachusetts. After residing in the Boston and Cambridge area for almost 15 years, I moved to the "Witch City" of Salem in 2015... and met my soulmate two weeks later! Three years after our first date in Salem - which was on a Friday the 13th, to boot - we got married at the House of Seven Gables, and we currently live in the Downtown Salem area with our two black cats, Pugsley Addams and Darth Vader.

In addition to founding and running Witchy Woman Weddings, I also have a full-time job at a prospect development consultancy that works with nonprofit clients around the world. When I am not planted in front of my laptop working, you will often find me traipsing around Salem, hitting up my favorite local haunts (especially places that serve truffle fries, nachos, and craft cocktails), attending local events, and drinking way too much black coffee from Dunkin Donuts.


I am also an accomplished public speaker, a former member of the Boston League of Women Wrestlers, a violinist, an artist, a huge fan of karaoke, and an intuitive who works with tarot cards, runes, crystals, and candle magick.

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