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witchy redhead writing in a book with a feather pen

Based in the "Witch City" of Salem,

I help couples manifest meaningful, memorable, magical ceremonies that honor their unique love and their commitment to each other!

My name is Tara McMullen-King, and I am the magical creatrix behind Witchy Woman Weddings. Known as the "Wedding Witch of Salem," I meticulously craft and joyously officiate personalized wedding, handfasting, commitment, and vow renewal ceremonies for offbeat couples.


By incorporating elements like custom vows, expressive readings, and unique unity rituals, I can help you have a ceremony that you personally connect with – one that honors you and has the power to create a meaningful, memorable experience! Your love is worthy of that - and I am here to work my "wedding witch" magic to conjure up the ceremony of your dreams.

I work with local couples as well as folks from across the United States - and beyond - who want to travel to Salem and pledge their commitment to each other here. For travelers, I am a local expert and a valuable resource, able to provide personalized advice and recommendations to help them and their guests plan a successful trip to the Witch City. I also offer basic event planning consulting for all my clients, and have certain décor items and equipment available for them to rent.

While I primarily officiate ceremonies in Salem and the Boston Metro area, my services extend to ceremonies across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine!

statue of Samantha from "Bewitched" in Salem, Massachusetts
witchy redhead standing at table with candles
photo of the Corwin House, the "Witch House" in Salem, with some pumpkins
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