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Based proudly in the "Witch City"

of Salem, Massachusetts,

I help couples manifest a

meaningful, memorable, magical

celebration of love & commitment!

Witchy Woman Weddings offers weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals for couples who want a ceremony they will remember for a lifetime.


I believe that every couple deserves a personalized, custom-written ceremony that is specifically tailored to them. Do you want a stale, boring script read by a dull officiant who has performed the same ceremony a million times? I think your extraordinary love and the unique connection you share is worthy of something much, much better... and I am here to work my "wedding witch" magic to help you have the ceremony of your dreams.

In addition to ceremony officiation, I also offer basic event planning assistance and consulting for all my clients, and have certain decor items and equipment available for rent.


I work with local couples as well as couples from across the country who want to travel to Salem to pledge their commitment to each other here! For those travelling here, I am a local resource and can provide advice and recommendations to help you plan a successful and fun trip to the Witch City.


While I primarily officiate ceremonies here in Salem and the surrounding North Shore region, I am available for ceremonies across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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