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"Words simply cannot describe just how wonderful Tara is; both as an officiant & as a person! My husband and I had never been to Salem before deciding to get married there. Tara is very methodical with her process & never leaves a stone unturned. She is extremely thorough in describing the marriage process at the city clerk and makes herself available to you to answer any and every question you may have- about venues, things to do in the area, where to eat, etc. Tara wrote a beautiful ceremony for us, perfectly capturing who my husband and I are as a couple. She’s accommodating to each couple’s individual traditions/rituals/beliefs. We could not recommend her enough & it will absolutely be worthwhile to put your trust in Tara to make your special day feel as special as you are!"

- Ella & Brad -



"We are so thrilled that we booked Tara as our wedding officiant! She really got to know us, and wrote us the absolute perfect wedding ceremony that we could not have been happier with. Some of our guests asked if we had known her for a long time; that's how personal and perfect the ceremony was! Tara was so professional and helpful leading up to the big day. She was always very quick responding to our questions, and some of the questions she asked us made us think of details we hadn't even known to consider. We cannot recommend her enough!"

- Allyssa & Shane -


"Tara recently officiated our vow renewal. She is a wonderful human: helpful, caring, and attentive to detail. This was our first trip to New England (definitely not our last), and Tara was able to provide helpful information on things to do and possible venues for our ceremony. The script she wrote was beautiful, combining everything she had learned about my husband and me in the months leading up to the actual event. We recommend her to anyone planning a wedding or vow renewal!"


- Lauri & Scott -


"Tara was so wonderful to work with. She is incredibly sweet, and really takes the time to get to know you. She makes sure to incorporate every part of your relationship and what’s important to you into the ceremony. She went above and beyond for us, and brought some decor (candles/tables) that we requested. She did an amazing job incorporating our children into the ceremony, and everyone felt so comfortable. Tara is so personable, organized, and detail-oriented... it was an honor to have her marry us!"


- Ashley & Alex -



"Tara was absolutely amazing and the best officiant one could ask for! She worked with us and customized our vows and wrote the most beautiful wedding ceremony ever. We are very grateful to have met her, worked with her, and welcomed her into our lives. She is a very special person and basically a goddess in human form!"


- Valerie & Richard -

"We decided that we wanted to get married in a place that we had never been before, and I gave myself 4 months to plan it. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to pull it off... and I wouldn't have without Tara! Not only did she create an absolutely magical ceremony, but she also helped me the whole way through my wedding planning. She was so much more than our officiant; I honestly do not know what I would have done without her. I cannot put into words just how lucky we were to have found her! If you are searching for an officiant, stop looking and hire Tara."


- Tara & Mike -

"We initially sought out a wedding planner for a destination elopement / microwedding we were planning in Salem (we live in Upstate NY), and we wanted someone to coordinate vendors, make recommendations on local artisans, and assist with favours and organization of securing locations. Tara immediately responded to our inquiry form on her website and provided expert advice, reassurance, and encouragement. After the one exchange, we were hooked! Our initial Zoom meeting was like chatting with an old friend, and that has to be one of our favourite qualities about Tara; she NEVER makes you feel like an after-thought or just another bride in the mix. She dealt with our many, MANY adjustments to the proposed caseload (which went from minor consultation work and officiating to full-blown day of coordination), and never made us feel like we were a bother. Now to the nitty-gritty; Tara is hands down the best officiant I have EVER seen, and I am so honoured to have been on the receiving end of those services. Our guests are STILL talking about her ceremony speech, and we have printed it out to keep in our wedding book. Her coordination and event planning is nothing to bat an eyelash at either - she is attentive, detail-oriented, extremely patient, and went above and beyond to reassure myself and my husband, providing support and guidance as well as relief and validation. She secured my favours, built my centerpieces, decorated my venue, AND officiated my ceremony to my exact liking - and did it all without breaking a sweat or making me feel like I needed to lift a finger! I'd get married again JUST to work with Tara. We cannot recommend her enough, and would endorse her services for as long as she is in business. We will miss you, Tara!!"

- Michelle & Tommy -


"Tara is so great - she cares about what you want, and will help you with all the things along the way! Every question I had came with an answer... along with phone numbers, links, and whatever else I needed. Tara really went above and beyond for us... she even let me mail my bouquet to her, and she mailed it back (we flew in from Texas, and that was really the only safe option). We also needed a tailor and dry cleaner last minute, and Tara sent us recommendations - mostly within walking distance - with phone numbers for each. We stayed in 3 different towns during our stay, and she gave us recommendations for that for each town! Amazing, to be honest. Tara is a cool lady with a love for love - she is professional, and really cares about her clients. We had a short,  sweet, beautiful, intimate ceremony at the Ropes Mansion Gardens and it was perfect - she really nailed it! I would recommend her to anyone looking to tie the knot in Salem!"


- Allie & Tye -



"Tara is an excellent person to work with and made our day so special. She's fun, personable, and took care to make sure that our special day was tailored to both of us, taking into account our personal belief systems and our preferences when it came to the specifics of the ceremony while executing it wonderfully. It felt like an old friend was doing the work of marrying us, even though we had only met the day of and communicated over the web prior. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone looking for a personal touch to their wedding ceremony and the flexibility to really make it their own."


- Chase & Tanith -

"My husband and I planned an intimate elopement in Salem in October 2022. Tara was a life saver! She went above and beyond for me in every way possible. I honestly can’t even put into words how amazing she was... I highly recommend her. When we went to Salem City Hall to get our marriage license, they RAVED about her... and boy were they right! The ceremony was perfect, she included all my requests, and was so knowledgeable during the process - she was my go-to person for all my questions. She made this entire process so easy! If you are debating which officiant to use, I 110% recommend you choose Tara."


- Jillian & Kyle -


"If you're thinking about hiring Tara, hire her right now. When we hired Tara, we had just dealt with not one, but two venue cancellations. Our wedding was only 3 months away and we had no caterer, no venue, no hair stylist, no cake, no schedule. We had a vision, but that was pretty much it. Tara listened to our ideas, took inventory of what needed to happen, and whipped us into shape. When I say this woman is organized, I mean it. Tara had a timeline and a spreadsheet for everything, and she was pivotal in keeping us on time and on task. Tara sourced and coordinated with our caterer, hairstylist, furniture rental etc. She listened carefully to our needs and preferences and researched suggestions that fit our parameters. Nothing was overlooked and we are incredibly happy with how our big day turned out. We hired Tara as our day-of coordinator as well, and that was the best decision I ever made, and the best money I ever spent. Tara was there for us through every step of the process, and when it came to the wedding itself, I felt like I barely had to do anything because Tara was already on it. She worked with us to create an event timeline that flowed seamlessly, as well as secured the logistics of set-up and break-down. I don't think I saw her sit down once the whole day. The energy and attention to detail Tara possesses is second to none. My husband and I are so incredibly happy with how our wedding turned out and all our guests keep saying it was the best wedding they've ever attended. If you're in the market for a wedding planner who is compassionate, attentive, focused, and driven, you've found her. Tara is truly a wedding-goddess. Hire Tara and you'll see why her planning skills can only be witchcraft."


- Maz & Andy -

"Tara of Witchy Woman Weddings was more than marvelous... We both felt that she went above and beyond to tailor our ceremony based on our Irish heritage! The Celtic additions of speaking parts in Gaelic, using Irish poems, and performing a traditional handfasting with the colors of our lives & Claddagh adornments made our commitments to each other especially memorable. We were also grateful that she was able to keep her cool in the 85 degree butterfly terrarium where our ceremony was held! She even found just the right sendoff language to release our butterflies at the end. We both absolutely recommend Tara."


- Sara & Brian -

"Tara may have been my officiant, but I walked out of my ceremony with a husband AND a beautiful new friendship. She is incredibly attentive, professional, and is very passionate about her work! She cares very much about her clients. I am so fortunate that the universe brought Tara and I together - I would’ve been lost without her. If Tara is someone you’re even kind of considering, just go for it! You won’t regret it at all."


- Sydney & Dakota -


"Tara did an AMAZING job officiating our Salem wedding for us. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to find a new officiant 4 days before our wedding. Tara was so quick to respond and hopped on a call with us just a few hours after we first contacted her. She immediately made us feel at ease and helped edit the template of our wedding ceremony to make it feel more natural to us. She was great at communicating with us back and forth to make the ceremony perfect. Tara was prompt and professional, but also incredibly warm! Everyone at our wedding commented on how amazing she was. I’m so glad things worked out like they did and Tara officiated our wedding!"


- Keith & Meaghan -

"Salem seemed like a great place to have a handfasting ceremony performed – and we found Tara online. Her information was thoughtful and answered most of our general questions, so we reached out to meet her personally. Tara hosted a Zoom call for myself and my partner – with all three of us dialing in from different cities – and she took the time to listen to our questions about handfasting, both as a tradition and as a bonding a couple might want to perform. Tara was thoughtful, shared ample details, spent a significant amount of time with us online, and we agreed to have her perform our ceremony. She provided a detailed listing of possible locations in the Salem area and called on behalf of us to get the required permissions. As the weekend came and the weather turned unfavorable, Tara pivoted and came to our Inn to perform the ceremony in one its public rooms. Tara was such a delight. The ceremony, her laying out the tradition we were about to enter into, the meaning to us and our place as bound together in this universe, her thoughtful inclusion of personal facts she had gleaned from our texts, emails, and Zoom call – all of it was flawless. Tara is such an illuminating soul – she filled the room with her positive energy, and we felt as if our best friend was joining us together in this union. Can't recommend Tara highly enough. Wonder human. Amazing celebrant. Loving soul in this universe."


- Dave & Amethyst -


"Tara helped make our day intimate and heartfelt by providing us with a custom-written marriage ceremony that fit us perfectly! She was an amazing officiant with excellent public speaking skills and a confident but light-hearted tone and demeanor. She worked with us to get the wording just right, and went over everything with us ahead of time so that we were prepared and knew exactly what would happen every step of the way. Tara is extremely organized and asked so many helpful questions that we would not have even thought about – like who would hold the vow cards, who would transport the rings, who would walk and stand where, etc.! Everything went off so flawlessly because of her – we are so grateful to Tara for helping us have such a memorable and amazing day!”


- Andrea & Henry -


"Our wedding would not have been successful without Tara’s assistance, guidance, and hard work to help us execute our vision... we really put her to the test! She came in at a point where I thought I could do this on my own – as a past restaurant and function manager, I had done this several times before… but I soon found that I was way out of my league and needed guidance and love and ideas. Tara helped ensure that everything went smoothly, such as making sure that our flower order was delivered on time and set up appropriately. She even drew out many of our signs freehand (even ones in permanent marker)! We could not have pulled everything off without her thoughtful attention to detail, her management skills, and her hard work and sheer diligence. And let me tell you… we didn’t have an easy timeline or layout, having flipped the traditional script around by planning dinner prior to our waterside ceremony, followed by dessert and dancing – all in three separate locations at the venue. Tara had to orchestrate moving everything from the dinner tent to the reception space, while also setting up and attending the ceremony – honestly, she must have been in two places at the same time, I don’t know how she did it! She executed all of this elegantly, while maintaining a smile on her face throughout the entire day – if she was stressed out at any point, no one would ever have known. We will be forever grateful that we hired her – Tara made everything so easy and was amazing to work with, from start to finish."


- Mary & Rob -

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